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Fransgard - USA

Fransgard SK-1400 Forestry Grapple

Fransgard SK-1400 Forestry Grapple

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Easily handle large logs and brush with the powerful SK-1400 Forestry Grapple.

Grapple Features:
  • Maximum Grapple Opening of 57": Effortlessly handle logs, brush, and debris of various sizes.
  • Bolt-On Mounting Kit (Included): Ensures quick and easy attachment to your excavator for minimal downtime.
  • Cylinder and Hoses (Included): Get up and running immediately – we've included everything you need to operate the grapple.
  • Bronze Bushings at All Pivot Points (Standard): Reduce friction and wear for long-lasting performance, minimizing maintenance needs.
Built for Efficiency and Durability
This forestry grapple is designed to streamline your land clearing and management operations. The robust construction ensures reliable performance, even in demanding environments. Whether you're dealing with thick brush, clearing storm debris, or sorting logs, this grapple is up to the challenge.
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