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Fransgard - USA

Fransgard V6521 Forestry Winch

Fransgard V6521 Forestry Winch

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The V6521 logging winch is the largest winch in the Fransgard lineup. Fransgard three point winches are a top choice for both professional and hobby foresters for a variety of reasons. The pulley height, single-rope engagement system and easy clutch adjustments make maintenance quick and simple. These features set Fransgard winches apart with straightforward and user-friendly operation, as well as simple part replacement.

The optimal height and weight of these winches also help to optimize your tractor's fuel efficiency, horsepower, and traction.

  • 3-Pt: Cat 1& 2
  • Cable: 167' x 7/16"
  • Butt Plate HxW: 28" x 59"
  • Total Height: 61"
  • Eng. HP Min-Max: 60 - 110
  • Pulling Capacity: 14,300
  • Weight: 972
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      Key Benefits Of Fransgard Logging Winches  

      A right-sized farm tractor with a Fransgård forestry winch is ideal for small-scale timber harvesting.

      The 3-point hitch carries the Fransgård timber winch, and the tractor powers the winch with its PTO. The operator manually pulls out a long cable and secures it to the downed tree with a choker chain. The clutch engages using tractor PTO power, pulling the cable and the attached logs back towards the tractor.

      The winch's butt plate firmly anchors to the ground and acts as a brake, working against the pulling force of the logs. The Fransgård winch can skid two or three trees at one time.

      The operator secures the logs to the winch using the choker chains. The operator can then raise the tractor hitch and skid the entire load to the roadside. Once the operator removes the logs from the forest, they can buck the logs into acceptable lengths.

      Fransgård timber winches have an excellent reputation for design, quality of manufacture and product range.